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Wanna find Craft Beer & Craft Beer events in the Long Island area?

Where to find places that sell and fill Beer Growlers in Long Island and the surrounding areas:

LI Beer Growlers Information

NYC Beer Growlers Information

New Jersey Beer Growlers Information

CT Beer Growlers Information - Still in development

Beer Growlers Information - Still in development

NYC Beer Enthusiasts Meetup


A great list of West Coast Beer Breweries from the Beer Mapping Project. How many have you tried?


Are ya inta other liquids as well?  Here are the other related sites I've created and run:

The Sake Collective

NYC Whiskey Network

NYC Tea Tour

LITE - Long Island Tea Enthusiasts

NYC Coffee Lovers

Wonderful Winos

And I am the Grog Father of The Liquid Mafia


I'm also a filmmaker and have a few liquid related projects in the works:

Life Is EL - - Living and working under and around the elevated train tracks in New York City

Step Streets - - Where did the Street go?

Education In Smithtown - - Lots of pencils, lots of books, and we loved our teacher's dirty looks

Sake in America - - The love for and growth of what used to be a Japanese exclusive drink in America

Scams Are Us - - You have it, we'll take it

In Search of Whale Vomit - - It'll help you smell better

Oh Deer - - How we live with our forested friends

Life Before Twitter - - The history of the digital era

Volunteers Of America - - Without Volunteers, we would all be in trouble

Legendary Smithtown - - How a man named Smith settled in for the long ride after a short ride

Tea For Two Billion - - Our love for the second most consumed beverage in the World

The Life Of Death - - Who is there in the end